Facebook 360 Photos

Share an immersive view of your world

Getting Started


Choose a place or moment that inspires you

Place yourself at the center of the experience and use your iPhone or Android phone to take a panorama or photosphere.


Upload and share

Immerse your friends in the experience by uploading to Facebook and sharing a fun caption.


Explore the world around you through other 360 photos

Transport yourself to a concert, the International Space Station, 
or a party surrounded by your friends.

360 Cameras

Check out some popular cameras that take 360 photos

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Rethinking 360 Photos for Publishers

Best Practices for Publishers

Place your followers in the center of the action, ensuring there's something to see and experience at every angle.

Create a story with your photo that encourages your followers to explore the full 360 degrees.

Use one of our Photoshop templates to create 360 photos that engage and surprise your followers!

360 Photos FAQs

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