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v1.3 (Native, Unity)Updated 2017-08-30


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1.3.0 (30 August 2017)

If updating from 1.2.0:

* New! Android Java: new AudioEngine constructor parameter for tuning the decoder queue size
* New! New renderer. Improved sound quality and upto 3-4x improvement in performance
* New! Unity integration (preview)
* Fixed: Rare issue where opening two audio files in succession might result in no audio
* Fixed: Certain sample rates fail on Windows (regression from 1.2.0)

If updating from 0.9.x:

A new API:

* New! Binaries are renamed to Audio360.*
* New! New binaural renderer. Improved sound quality and upto 3-4x improvement in performance
* New! Rewritten Unity integration (preview)
* New! SpatDecoderFile resamples audio assets to match the mixer/device rate
* New! Optionally decode audio in the audio mixer callback when using SpatDecoderFile (default behaviour is to use the decode thread)
* New! Windows Store/UWP support (for Windows Mixed Reality)
* New! SpatDecoderFile can open custom streams by extending IOStream
* New! New AudioFormatDecoder class for decoding .wav/.tbe files and opus packets to PCM
* New! Open files through an AssetDescriptor
* New! Event callback for SpatDecoderFile, SpatDecoderQueue, AudioEngine
* New! Support for 24 bit wav file playback
* New! Support for second order ambiX
* New! Specify custom audio device (default behavior is to choose the default device)
* New! Enumerate all available audio devices
* New! Example FFmpeg project for decoding FB360 .mkv files with Opus spatial audio
* New! Integration for ExoPlayer 2.x
* New! Optionally increase or decrease audio engine latency (useful for bluetooth on Android)
* New! Experimental support for audio objects
* New! Schedule transport and volume events when using SpatDecoderFile and SpatDecoderQueue
* New! Methods to play with fade in and stop/pause with fade out
* New! Method for returning DSP time from AudioEngine
* New! SpatDecoderFile now crossfades when seeking or synchronizing
* New! interface for measuring loudness of the main of the mix
* New! Added Android builds for armv8-64, x86, x86_64
* Improved: CoreAudio/WASAPI support


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