Rendering SDK

v1.4 (Native, Unity)Updated 2017-12-20


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1.4.0 (20 December 2017)
* New! Sample accurate looping in SpatDecoderFile
* New! (ExoPlayer) Integrations for v2.6 and v2.5
* New! (Unity) Easy support for Rift audio device properties
* New! applyVolumeFade method in SpatDecoderFile to create volume ramps
* New! Additional builds of .aar Android libraries that are compatible with Unity
* Improved: Decreased initialisation time by 3x
* Improved: Efficiency gains if silence is detected
* Fixed: Stall on Windows when playing back some .tbe files
* Fixed: (Unity) UI properties do not update during runtime
* Fixed: Volume is reset when seeking
* Fixed: Incorrect playback when upsampling certain files
* Fixed: Race condition on Android when the audio engine is destroyed

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