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1.5.0Updated 2018-05-16


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1.5.0 (16 May 2018)

New! (Unreal Engine) Preview release of Unreal Engine integration for macOS and Windows
New! Added support to rotate an ambisonic mix when using SpatDecoderFile/Queue (also exposed as an option in Unity)
New! Added support for playing .opus files in AudioObject and SpatDecoderFile. See documentation for more information
New! Added decode in audio callback option to AudioObject for synchronous processing
New! Exposed distance attenuation properties in AudioObject
New! Added native macOS/iOS audio decoder support to playback native OS codecs
New! Added a method to get the output latency of the audio device
New! Documentation on supported codecs
New! Script and documentation to prepare spatial audio assets for streaming (via DASH)
New! SpeakersVirtualizer class for virtualizer surround audio
New! AudioEngine::AudioMixCallback for accessing the final mix written to the audio device
New! AudioObject::BufferCallback to optionally write custom/procedurally generated audio for spatialisation
New! (ExoPlayer) Added method to get/set the ChannelMap in Audio360Sink
New! (ExoPlayer) AudioSink can optionally compensate for output latency, improving AV sync
Updated: Documentation includes information on AudioObject
Updated: Documentation includes information on Unreal Engine
Updated: (ExoPlayer) Integration updated to to v2.8.0 of ExoPlayer, updated example
Updated: (ExoPlayer) Older ExoPlayer versions are no longer supported, use previous versions of the SDK if required
Fixed: (Unity) Script execution order to avoid cases where objects are used before the engine is initialised
Fixed: (Unity) Improved event callback support for AudioObject
Fixed: (Unity) Fix for buffering/crackling on Android
Fixed: (Unity) Fixed editor singleton errors
Fixed: (Unity) Runtime exception when using IL2CPP in Unity
Fixed: Event::DECODER_INIT not being dispatched when a file is resampled
Fixed: Fixed incorrect elapsed time/sync when assets are resampled
Fixed: Positional tracking not changing if there's no change in rotation
Fixed: Noise at the end of certain wav files
Fixed: SpatDecoderFile silence when closing and reopening files
Fixed: SpatDecoderFile silence when closing and reopening files
Fixed: Crash when the number of channels in a file does not match the required channel map
Fixed: Head-locked channels would go out of sync in some cases
Fixed: Elapsed time drifts if resampling is applied
Fixed: Crash when objects exceed the pool
Fixed: (ExoPlayer) Fixed end of stream not being handled / event not being triggered

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