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Audio360 AudioEngine Release Notes

1.6.0 (31 July 2018)
New! Added: 3rd Order Ambisonic support
New! Added a Javascript implementation of the Audio360 renderer (WWW SDK)
New! Added real-time pitch/varispeed playback in AudioObject
New! Added AudioFormatEncoder API
New! Added: AudioResampler API
New! AudioObject: Added directionality APIs. Available in C++, Java and Unity
New! Unity: Added volume in decibels API
New! Added "spatialise" toggle in Unity integration
New! Added: PLAY_STATE_CHANGED event
Fixed: Fixed crash when loading a 32 bit wav file and when loading an incompatible format in AudioObject
Fixed: Unity: Fixed issue where an object might be created without properties applied
Fixed: Unity: AOT exception on iOS causing no audio to be heard
Fixed: Threading/performance issue on Android
Breaking Change: Removed `void* owner` argument in the event callback method.`void *userData` must be used to pass references to custom data or the owning object.
Change: Audio360 and ExoPlayer Android integrations now target Android API 15
Improved: Unity: Added event callback/listener support for iOS and IL2CPP targets

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