Spatial Workstation - Windows

3.3Updated 2018-11-15


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v3.3 (7 November 2018)

  • New! Mux stereo audio with Encoder
  • Fixed: (Control, Converter) UI not showing on non-admin accounts on Windows
  • Fixed: Sliders look/feel different on Windows
  • Fixed: (Video Breakout Window) Stereo projection is incorrect
  • Fixed: (Encoder) Error window text missing
  • Fixed: (Video) Head-tracking not working on windows if videoclient is closed/reopened
  • Fixed: (Video) Head-tracking not working with VR headsets
  • Fixed: (Spatialiser) The video will not load on reloading project if saved with no Spatialiser UI open
  • Fixed: (Converter) Crashes with 2OA in 3OA out
  • Fixed: Distortion at higher sample rates
  • Fixed: Missing reflections when adding the Stereo Loudness plugin
  • Improved: Video performance

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