Spatial Workstation - OSX

v1.3 beta4Updated 2016-12-27

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v1.3 beta4 (27 December 2016)

* Fixed: (Encoder) Fixed UI issue that made it impossible to encode ambiX audio or stereoscopic video

v1.3 beta3 (16 December 2016)

* Fixed: (Encoder) Fixed ffmpeg download and execution on macOS
* Fixed: (Control Plugin) Frame delay incorrectly limited to 200 frames
* New! Encoder UI

v1.3 beta2 (9 December 2016)

* Fixed: (Encoder) Incorrect external dependency path on Windows

v1.3 beta1 (6 December 2016)

* New! New design and user interface
* New! Support for Windows 64 bit
* New! Support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on Windows
* New! The Video Player optionally can be run on a computer that is different from the one hosting the DAW
* New! Higher order early reflections
* New! Adjustable reflection order per source
* New! Adjustable reflection level per source
* Fixed: Control plugin not visible on displays with a lower resolution. The plugin is now scrollable.
* Fixed: Standalone Video Player UI does not resize correctly when changing the window size
* Fixed: Seeking through the progress bar does not work in the Standalone Video Player if the file has finished playing
* Fixed: Automation rewrite in latch or touch/latch mode
* Miscellaneous performance improvements

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