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v2.0.0Updated 2017-05-17

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17 May 2017

From 2.0 beta3:
* Fixed: Improved plugin stability and reduced crashes
* Fixed: Encoder metadata corruption issue on Windows
* Fixed: Memory leaks in Video Player
* Fixed: Pro Tools crash when enabling instrument tracks
* Improved: Refined True Peak calculation
* Improved: Pro Tools template project update

This release also includes features and improvements from the 2.0 beta cycle:

* New! Equirectangular video view in the Spatialiser Plugin
* New! Color coded objects
* New! (Spatialiser) Shortcuts for panning axis lock and grid visibility
* New! (Spatialiser) Option to toggle the size of the plugin for detailed panning
* New! (Spatialiser) New "latching" mouse panning behaviour -- click to lock an object to the mouse
* New! Loudness metering plugin for spatial and head-locked audio
* New! Added new output options in the Converter plugin
* Improved: (Video Player) Buffering in Standalone mode
* Improved: Various UI improvements
* Improved codec support on macOS
* Fixed: Crash at 192kHz sample rate
* Fixed: Nuendo crash when re-opening session
* Fixed: Frame offset can now be a decimal value (for 29.97fps)
* Fixed: FFmpeg installation failures on some Windows configurations
* Fixed: Crash when multiple Control plugins are opened. New plugin instances are now disabled.
* Fixed: (Encoder) Gain ramp when encoding to quad-binaural
* Fixed: Miscellaneous minor bugs

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