Facebook Surround 360

A durable and high quality 3D-360 camera system now available on GitHub


Connecting through VR is an amazing, immersive experience, and we want to do our part to make sure more people have a chance to experience it in the future. We've open sourced the Facebook Surround 360 Open Edition camera design and stitching code on GitHub to help developers and creators unlock ideas and innovate faster to accelerate the burgeoning 3D-360 ecosystem.

Hardware Details

The camera rig is comprised of 17 cameras and was designed with a focus on reliability. A rugged aluminum chassis ensures that images are stable and well aligned, and the industrial cameras can run for hours without overheating.

  • 14 wide angle cameras on a horizontal ring

  • 1 fish eye lens on top and 2 on bottom for complete spherical coverage

  • Global shutter ensures that each camera captures the pixels in sync

Download the Facebook Surround 360 Open Edition Camera Assembly Manual here.

Software Details

Our seamless automated stitching technology reduces post-production retouching effort and time. After shooting your video, you can use a Samsung Gear VR headset to view the output as a 3D-360 video with no intervening hand processing or fixing.

Facebook Surround 360
Facebook Surround 360

Facebook Surround 360 Open Edition now available on GitHub

Facebook Surround 360 Open Edition camera design specs and stitching software code is now available on GitHub. Assembly is possible with off the shelf components. Visit our FAQs to learn more here

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